Wave Line

Welcome to the 2013 Polar Bear Club!

We had a great turn out with the air temp in the low to mid 40s and surface temp at a bone chilling 46 degrees. We put 19 divers in the water, four of which are Hall Of Fame member, Glenda Hataway, Jeff Loudan, Chuck Perkins and Mike Slicker .

Special thanks to Patti of International Scuba that won the Best Represented Dive Shop for the 8th time in a row! Their group always shows up in force and are a big part of the Polar Bear Dive. They also provided breakfast for everyone, YUM! We would also like to thank each and every person that attended the event as you are the reason we do it!

If you have comments, suggestions or any ideas that would make this event better next year, please contact me. These are just a few pictures and will post lots more asap. Feel free to save a copy and if you would like a high res copy, drop me an e-mail and I will be happy to send it to you.

Dive Safe

Tim Hataway

Beary Best Represented Dive Shop
International Scuba, 8 time winner!
7 time winner

Beary Best Represented Dive Club
Diving Rebels, Two Years Running!
1st time winner

Beary Long Drive
Darrell Rickert, 700 miles
alt text

Beary Old!
Bob Shapiro, 67

Beary Brave and Longest Dive
Michael Hughes, 1:22

Beary Young
Conner Pierce, 15
Uncle Jeff accepting for Conner.

Beary Whimpy Bear
Bob Shapiro, 21 min

Signing in

Bear Master Allen Johnson
Bear Keeper, Karen Johnson

Bear watchers with Glenda Hataway looking on
Glenda has logged more Polar Bear dives than anyone at 11!

How was the water?

2012 Polar Bears Club.
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Thanks to all that made the event, see ya next year!

Debbie Cameron
Head Bear


"Beary" Best Represented Dive Shop--Goes to INTERNATIONAL SCUBA
"Beary" Best Represented Dive Club--Goes to DIVING REBELS
"Beary" Long Diving Award--Goes to MICHAEL HUGHES, 1hr 22 min
"Beary" Long Driving Award--Goes to DARRELL RICKERT, 700 miles
"Beary Bravest Award--Goes to MICHAEL HUGHES
"Beary" Oldest Bear--Goes to BOB SHAPIRO, 67 years young
"Beary" Young Bear--Goes to CONNER PIERCE, 15
"Beary" Wimpy Award--Goes to BOB SHAPIRO, 21 min

Bear Hall of Fame Divers at the 2012 Polar Bear Dive

GLENDA HATAWAY-- 11 Polar Bear Dives

JEFF LOUDAN-- 8 Polar Bear Dives

CHUCK PERKINS-- 8 Polar Bear Dives

PATTI STEWART-- 7 Polar Bear Dives

MIKE SLICKER-- 7 Polar Bear Dives