Wave Line

Welcome to the 2009 Polar Bear Club!

NBC 5 News coverage of the Polar Bear Dive.
Thanks to Jim Larson for putting these clips together.
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Best Polar Bear Design, Tina Loera
Not only did she design our new bear
She dove with us!

Best Represented Dive Shop
International Scuba

Best Represented Dive Club
Zero Gravity Divers

Beary Long Diving Bears
Craig George with runner up Aaron Bath

Beary Long Driving, Jimmy Larson

Beary Brave Bear, Brandon Dickens
Shorts and a T-shirt, brrrrrrrr

Beary Young, Chris Bonsal.

Beary Old Bear
Anthony Griffith

Beary Whimpy Bear
Brandon Dickens with a 1 min dive

Mike Slicker and Jeff Loudan
New Hall Of Fame Members.

This next two pictures
sent in by John Grudza

2009 Polar Bears Club.
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Thanks to all that made the event, see ya next year!

Debbie Cameron
Head Bear


"Beary" Long Diving Award--Goes to CRAIG GEORGE 1 Hour 37 Minutes
"Beary" Wimpy Award--Goes to BRANDON DICKENS, 1 min dive, see why below!
"Beary Bravest Award--Goes to BRANDON DICKENS, shorts and T-shirt!
"Beary" Long Driving Award--Goes to JIMMY LARSEN, N. Ft Worth
"Beary" Best Represented Dive Shop--Goes to INTERNATIONAL SCUBA
"Beary" Best Represented Dive Club--Goes to ZERO GRAVITY DIVERS
"Beary" Oldest Bear--Goes to ANTHONY GRIFFITH, 57
"Beary" Young Bear--Goes to CHRIS BONSAL, 15

Bear Hall of Fame

GLENDA HATAWAY--The only Bear to dive all eight Polar Bear Dives

BRIAN DIVINE--six Polar Bear Dives

CRAIG NORTON--six Polar Bear Dives

CHUCK PERKINS--five Polar Bear Dives

PATTI STEWART--five Polar Bear Dives

CHUCK WALTON--four Polar Bear Dives

RICH THOMAS--four Polar Bear Dives

TONYA BONSAL--four Polar Bear Dives

TIM HATAWAY--four Polar Bear Dives

Two New Members

MIKE SLICKER--four Polar Bear Dives

JEFF LOUDAN--four Polar Bear Dives

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