This was our First Annual Easter Egg Treasure Hunt. The weather was good and so was the turn out. Thanks to all that came out and a very special thanks to everyone that donated to help make this possible.

Treasure Hunters.
Treasure Hunters

We were not able to get the Dive Dog to stand up for the picture. We never knew a dog could eat that many eggs, sorry Debbie. We think he will be ok, right?

Frank Drewes
Joel Baker
Joe Snow
Steve Cofer
David Ishee
Michael Lindsey
Fred Cornelius
Philip Cornelius
Floyd Womack
Amber Kovac
Laura Kovac
David Kovac
Todd Reeves
Heith Anderson
James Baker
Kim Baker
Alicia Balogh
Sara Gibbons
Beck Collins

No Dogs or Fish were harmed during filming of this event. A few divers did get their feelings hurt by being shown up by the girls.

If you have pictures of this event, please send them to us
so we may include them.